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How does food become preventive medicine? What if the majority of chronic diseases were preventable through improved nutrition? What if humanity has new levels of well being to be experienced, unlocked through harnessing the secrets of nature?

At STAMBA these are the questions that drive and inspire us every day. Our line of vegan, gluten and GMO-free, certified organic superfood blends reflect our answers and discoveries.

STAMBA’s founder Asa learned early on about the value of organic whole foods, enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables from his family’s garden. Through discovering the therapeutic and healing benefits of incorporating a diversity of true superfoods into his diet, STAMBA Superfoods was born. Today, as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and proponent of holistic living, he guides STAMBA's work in advancing nutrition and making the depth of nature’s nourishment easy to access and integrate into modern lifestyles.

STAMBA stands at the frontier of a new paradigm of nutrition based on the holistic philosophy of complexity theory and advances in food science revealing the health-promoting power of whole-food synergy.

In the Hindi language, STAMBA means pillar. We see STAMBA as a pillar of stability, balance and strength, supporting people in meeting the demands of daily life and experiencing enduring wellbeing.



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