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From the Source


Great whole-food based therapeutic traditions were created by utilizing combinations of foods and herbs that were found within their respective regions on Earth. Today, one of the benefits of globalization (we won’t address the drawbacks!) is having access to Earth’s most cherished foods that were previously only available to the local communities in which they are grown.

The true superfoods in STAMBA products are the treasures of the plant kingdom. We source all of our ingredients from pristine environments, worldwide. At STAMBA, certified organic is just the beginning of our requirements. We partner with farms and organizations that have a commitment to sustainability and fair-trade practices. We choose not to source any ingredients from China due to questionable quality assurance standards and agricultural business practices perpetuated by many companies in the nation.

After sourcing, we are deeply committed to preserving the life force and nutritional integrity of our ingredients - freeze or slow dried, we preserve their raw state. As such, they maintain their vital beneficial properties in a form that is easy to assimilate, integrate and utilize by your body.

Each ingredient is nutritionally robust. In unison, they provide a full spectrum of prized health benefits, far beyond those of any individual agent.

All our whole food ingredients are: Certified Organic. Vegan. Gluten and GMO Free.