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Quality Assurance


The nutritional supplement landscape is changing. Recent increases in enforcement of quality standards have forced manufacturers to back up their claims of ingredient identity and origin. This has lead to the demise of many non-reputable companies that were found to be misleading their customers with regard to the content and efficacy of their products. 

At STAMBA, we embrace quality regulation standards and believe that they are good for the safety and wellbeing of consumers. This also means that we commit a tremendous amount of time and financial resources to verify the origin, identity, safety and efficacy of our products. 

Due to our commitment to the benefits of whole-food synergy, our products contain blends of multiple beneficial components. EACH ingredient that we source goes through the following steps:

                Origin verification
                 Verification of ingredient identity
                 Testing for heavy metal content and nutritional integrity
                 Verification of organic cultivation

      We take great pride in our ingredients and the products we offer to our customers. We stand behind every ingredient used, always. All of our products are blended in our premium FDA, GMP and Third-Party Organic Certified manufacturing facility. We are happy to provide documentation to verify any and all claims made regarding our ingredients and products.


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